East Coast Rationalist Megameetup 2022

NYC Secular Solstice this year is planned for December the 10th, 6:15pm Saturday Night, at Bruno Walter Auditorium, 111 Amsterdam Ave. That weekend, from the evening of Friday December 9th to the morning of Monday December 12th, we'll be hosting weekend long rationalist community get-together with accommodations for those who are visiting.

For nearly a decade, a secular solstice has been held in New York, greeting the longest night with song and community. The East Coast Rationalist Megameetup doesn't have quite as long a tradition, but for several years now when Solstice is held, the Megameetup accompanies it. The pandemic had stopped us recently, but this year it's back!

If you need a place to stay, we've rented a big house together about two miles north of the PATH Hoboken station, near New York Ave and 10th St. If you'd like a space to meet and talk, we'll have company and food. Since the community tends to be, speaking informally, comprised of half college students and half software engineers, we have two different prices for the same tickets. Overnight stays are priced at $200. If that price would present an issue, we're happy to have you at $100- same accommodations, same food, same company. If you're staying elsewhere and just plan to be over during the day, $25 chips in for food the space. Anyone who would like to attend but cannot afford $100 should contact us directly for arrangements- no promises, but we may have space.

Overnight registrations are now closed! The buttons are still live below for the benefit of a few people who registered but had issues with earlier payment setups, but if you aren't already registered for overnight, please do not use them. Day registrations are still open, and will remain so unless we get a truly huge influx.

Registration for the megameetup does not include solstice tickets, so make sure to get those separately here. (We aren't running Solstice, just the megameetup.)

The full schedule of events for the weekend is being put together, but we will be hosting:

  • three meals: Saturday lunch, Saturday dinner, and Sunday breakfast
  • Secular Solstice afterparty on Saturday night
  • an unconference on Sunday

Of course, there will also be plenty of time for social mixing.

After you register, you should receive an email with the details. This is a manual process, so don't be surprised if it takes a day for me to catch up.

-Skyler Crossman

After registering, please use the payment buttons beneath to pay and finalize! Please remember to get your Solstice tickets separately.

Reminder: Overnight registration is closed! Please don't use the buttons below unless you're one of the people who registered earlier and your payment hadn't gone through yet!