East Coast Rationalist Megameetup 2018

NYC Secular Solstice this year will be on December the 21st, Saturday Night, in the Ida Long auditorium at Hunter College. That weekend, from Friday December 20th to Monday December 23rd, we'll be hosting weekend long rationalist community get-together with accommodations for those who are visiting.

For nearly a decade, a secular solstice has been held in New York, greeting the longest night with song and community. For two years, the East Coast Rationalist Megameetup has been organized by Taymon and Michael in NYC to extend that sense of community for the whole weekend. Well, once is a good idea, twice is a successful replication, and the third time is a habit.

If you need a place to stay, we're renting a big house together. We're pricing the sleeping arrangements at $110 per person, and the other costs (for the activities listed below) at $25 per person, for a total cost of $135.

If you already have accommodations and would like to join in the events and festivities but not sleep over, please register as well! Again, the megameetup-only cost is $25 per person, much of which is for food.

Registration for the megameetup does not include solstice tickets, so make sure to get those separately.

The exact schedule for the weekend is up in the air, but we're planning on hosting:

  • three meals: Saturday lunch, Saturday dinner, and Sunday breakfast
  • Secular Solstice afterparty on Saturday night
  • an unconference on Sunday

Of course, that leaves plenty of time for other activities, as well as general social mixing.

We'll have the registration form and payment set up soon.