East Coast Rationalist Megameetup 2019

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, no megameetup was held in 2020 or is planned for 2021.

The possibility of January 2022 meetup, independant of a Solstice, has been proposed. A survey regarding that is below. If planning on that begins in earnest, it will be announced (at least) here, LessWrong, and OBNYC's google group.

Predicting the course of the pandemic is, to put it mildly, above our pay grade. Still, the longer this state of affairs goes on, the more we need to decide what the new normal is like and the less "short term" putting things off becomes. My current stance is that if things get better or hold steady, then in 2022 we bring back the megameetup. Expect that to be announced in June of 2022. By April of 2022, expect this site to be updated with a current best guess of what will happen.

-Skyler Crossman, 28th of November, 2021