Payment for NYC Secular Solstice & Rationalist Megameetup 2023

Solstice ticket, day pass, and overnight accommodations are separate. If you're just going to Solstice, you just need a solstice ticket. If you're just interested in Solstice and the afterparty you just need a Solstice ticket; our extra space that night comes from the hotel restaurant so maybe plan to order some food or drinks. If you're staying overnight, you want to go to the unconference and other day events, and you want to go to solstice, you want three things in the cart. If you're paying on behalf of a small group (for example, a household of four who wants a pair of double beds) you can use the quantity buttons, just make sure to put everyone's names down when you fill out the Registration form. If you have further questions, let me know and I'll likely add the answers here.

We didn't quite sell out of hotel bed space before I had to send the list of room assignments to the hotel, so the overnight slots are now closed. As I write this, we're close to hitting capacity on the conference space. While I've arranged for the use of the hotel bar for the post-Solstice afterparty, if you haven't bought a Megameetup Day Pass please don't show up to the hotel during the day! Anyone who bought a Solstice ticket or a Megameetup Day Pass is welcome at the afterparty.

If you did want to come, but everything was sold out, let me know It's hard to measure how many people I don't sell a spot to, and that would be useful information for next year.

After paying, if you haven't already done so please use the registration form here to register with your details!